Hiking Mt Monadnock: Dublin Trail

trail marker dublin trail

Mt Monadnock is supposedly the third most climbed mountain in the world. Despite this, I hadn’t climbed it in almost four years, so when a friend suggested we do the Dublin Trail on Memorial Day, I eagerly agreed.

There were seven people in our party, including a (very energetic) six year old, but we saw plenty of other people of all ages on the trail. Dublin Trail starts out pretty gradual, becoming more steep and rocky as you get closer to the top. Everything above tree line is granite. We needed to do a little scrambling up some sections (mostly due to the rain we had that morning), but everyone managed just fine.


I clocked it as 2.71 mi from the trail head to the summit, making the entire hike 5.42 mi. It took us just under 3 hours round trip, with the kid setting the pace. It’s totally doable for children, but we did see one little boy half way down the mountain who was just done with the whole hiking thing. Snacks and water were essential to keep everyone in our party happy.

It’s usually windy on top- I highly recommend bringing a shell of some sort if you plan on staying up there for any length of time. My hat blew off my head twice! But the view was totally worth it.

monadnock view

The Dublin Trail head is on Old Troy Road in Dublin, NH

Distance: 5.42 mi

Difficulty: Moderate

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