Recently Eating: Late Summer Edition

I love this time of year- it’s really the only time when I can look at the ingredients for a recipe and have most of them on hand. Between my garden, my mom’s garden, and the local farmer’s market, this last month has been awfully tasty.

Below, a few favorites for this time of year.


This is my current favorite breakfast- an egg (fried in coconut oil) alongside a piece of tomato basil bread that is covered with pesto, supersweet cherry tomatoes cut in half, sprinkled Parmesan cheese, then broiled until the cheese melts.

summer veggie pasta bowl

This recipe, which we dubbed “summer in a bowl” was inspired by one from Iowa Girl Eats. I used one head of broccoli, one onion (omitted the green onion), one medium summer squash, one ear of corn, and two full size tomatoes. For the sauce, I used half a cup of greek yogurt, thinned with a splash of milk, and doubled the Parmesan cheese to 4Tbs. It was so good!


I brought this peach cobbler to Maine with us for the weekend- it was very popular and rapidly disappeared! The topping is very scone like and the bottom is just amazing- the combination of sugar, ripe local peaches, vanilla extract, and cinnamon perfumed the whole house when it was baking.

summer squash bread

I desperately needed to use up a large summer squash, so used this zucchini bread recipe. My one squash, grated, gave me the whole 3.5 cups I needed. I reduced the white sugar to 3/4c, used a combination of olive oil and canola oil, and did half whole wheat flour, half white flour. I figure this way, I can eat it for breakfast!

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Hi, I'm Elle. I live in a small town in New England. I love to cook, bake, eat, be outside and active, and go on adventures.
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