A Weekend in Maine (aka mosquito paradise)

Last weekend we headed to Maine with some friends. We packed the car after work with coolers, camping gear, and bicycles, then piled in along with the dog to make the drive north. We arrived long after dark and unloaded what we had to before crawling into various beds.

The next morning, the dog and I were up first. The little house is located on a tidal bay and since it was low tide, we went for a walk.

isla in the bay

I quickly realized that the tide was coming in and we needed to head back to shore. On the way back I was up to mid thigh in sea water. tide is coming inThe dog thought it was a great time. We waited for everyone else to get up, then ate breakfast and the humans headed out to explore on road bikes.

friends riding bikes

We rode into the nearest city, which took us a few hours, and by that time we were all pretty hungry for fresh Maine seafood. A quick Yelp! search led us to Gilmore’s, where we had the most amazing fried seafood. I had the haddock and sweet potato fries which was delicious- nice and fresh and tender and so tasty it barely needed any seasoning- but the real star were the scallops. They were so fresh they were almost sweet and they just melted in your mouth. We left Gilmore’s stuffed and headed back by bike, much slower than we arrived.

We quickly set up our campsite before heading to the ocean. It was late afternoon, so the heat of the day was still there but the sun was no longer beating down on us. The water was the classic Maine temperature- freezing- but 3/5 of us went swimming. beach in maineisla in the oceanWe played a round of beach bocce ball before heading back to cook up a feast of lobster, steak, potatoes, and summer squash. Peach cobbler and s’mores served as dessert, and by the time we made it to the tents, we were all stuffed.

campsite in maine

DSC00149The pup and I were up early again the next morning and did a bit more exploring in the bay.

bay and boat at low tideWe packed up camp and the cars before heading into Bath for one last bike ride. It was a perfect summer day for a bike ride. We finished up at a local ice cream place, Dot’s, where I was introduced to the wonders of the whoopie pie ice cream.

Our friends needed to hit the road, but we hit the beach one last time before we too needed to head back to our every day lives. We left full of good food and sand, and absolutely covered in bug bites. It was totally worth every bite.


About anewenglanderslife

Hi, I'm Elle. I live in a small town in New England. I love to cook, bake, eat, be outside and active, and go on adventures.
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