Taste Trekkers Food Expo (Part II)

food expo

Once the morning learning sessions were over, we returned to the ballroom where food vendors had appeared. Tables lined the room in two concentric circles. I made my way around, strategically hitting up the savory ones first and then doing a second round to sample as many treats as I could manage.


vermont cheesecrepesspinach, goat cheese, and cranberry crepeThere were quite a few alcohol brands represented as well, but as I was the driver, I ignored most of those. I did try a few sips of the drink the Los Andes guys were whipping up, but that merely confirmed that bitters are not my favorite.


There was so much good food there, and I really wanted to eat as much as I could without feeling totally overstuffed. Partway around, I started asking the chefs if I could have a half portion instead of the entire sample they had dished out. This worked well since I could eat more and not feel guilty for throwing away delicious food

.A New Englander 017

A new communal kitchen, Hope and Main, had just opened officially the day before so that someone with an idea for a new food business could use professional equipment without having to pay to outfit an entire kitchen. Quite a few new companies that were using those facilities were there. They tended to be more on the pickle or dessert side of things, but it was really cool to talk to the entrepreneurs as they began their journeys.

cupcakeschocolatesvegan cookies

Standouts from the event included the ceviche from Los Andes,

making the cevicheceviche

the Vermont cheese table, fresh oysters, and

Narragansett creamery’s super tasty ricotta cheese with blueberries drizzled with honey.

naragansett creamery

There was so much good food though- it’s impossible to list it all.

It was such a great event, and very well organized. I wish I could have attended more sessions in the morning, but I still learned so much. I heard a rumor that Taste Trekkers might be expanding their range next year, so keep an eye out for one in your area. It was a very good way to spend my Saturday and I left full, happy, and inspired to create new dishes.


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Hi, I'm Elle. I live in a small town in New England. I love to cook, bake, eat, be outside and active, and go on adventures.
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