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Thanksgiving Snowstorm

It wasn’t a typical Thanksgiving, but there was so much to be thankful for today. I’m grateful that we didn’t lose power beyond a few flickers, that we weren’t planning in traveling far, and that my parents opened their home … Continue reading

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Sunday Baking: Breads Both Quick and Slow

Growing up, most of the bread I ate was homemade. My mom used to bake loaves of the best oatmeal bread nearly every weekend. The house smelled wonderful and welcoming and I used to try to sneak a piece while … Continue reading

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Recently Eating: November

It was a bad day, but Dessert For Two’s Simple Chocolate Cupcakes came to the rescue! I made 4 full sized ones instead of the 10 mini (bake the big ones for ~20 minutes at 350F) and added mini chocolate … Continue reading

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Bolocco Burrito Boston

How’s that title for some alliteration? After all the sugar on the Chocolate Tour, we were both craving some real food to balance things out. We didn’t want anything too big because we were still pretty full, but we definitely … Continue reading

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Persian Date Menenas and an International Cookie Sale

On Friday morning at 5am, I found myself baking cookies. This isn’t an everyday occurrence in my house, I must add. I’d promised to make Persian Date Menenas for an international cookie table on Saturday, so the clock was ticking. … Continue reading

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