A New Englander in Ottawa: The Green Door Restaurant

IMG_3432-0I went to visit some friends who had recently moved to Ottawa this weekend. We mostly ate at their place, but we did try out this great vegetarian restaurant called The Green Door. It’s a buffet syle restaurant that has been open since 1988, where you can pick anything that appeals to you amongst many different options. They change the ingredients based on what produce is available in each season, so I’m guessing what we had wouldn’t be available every day, but I’m sure they have many other good options.

There were quite a few salad options to choose from- I tried the kale salad as well as a spicy eggplant salad and really liked them both, though the kale option had a surprisingly salty dressing. One of my friends was quite impressed by the quinoa salad as well. Next I moved on to the hot bar portion. It was hard to restrain myself (I wanted to try everything!) but I had a spoonful of tofu broccoli stir fry, some lasagna with mushrooms, a delicious Indian curry and some bhaji which they somehow managed to keep both warm and crisp.

Once we’d selected our dishes and piled the plates high onto our trays we headed to the register to pay by weight. It’s $20.25 per kg for hot foods and salads, but even with plate piled pretty high, none of our meals were over $13.

There were also quite a selection of desserts ($22.50 per kg or sold individually) but I was so full by the time I finished my plate that I couldn’t even try one.

I really enjoyed all my dishes, though I think the spicy eggplant salad and the bhaji were the standouts. I thought they had a good variety of hot meals and salads, but my friend who doesn’t like mushrooms said too many of the hot dishes had them. I really like sampling many different dishes so a buffet restaurant was a perfect option. For people with allergies it would be a pretty good places as well, since The Green Door does a very good job of labeling each dish with its ingredients. It seemed very child friendly as well, with many families sitting down for a lunch at the same time we were.

The Green Door Restaurant is located at 198 Main St Ottawa, ON K1s 1C6


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Hi, I'm Elle. I live in a small town in New England. I love to cook, bake, eat, be outside and active, and go on adventures.
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