A New Englander in Ottawa: Rideau Canal and Byward Market

ottawa 004Ottawa is such a pretty city. Until this weekend, I had only ever taken a train through it, which didn’t exactly give me a complete picture of the charming streets and impressive architecture.

I wanted to actually see the city this time so we spent a few hours exploring on Sunday. First we drove through the city, by Parliament and the War Memorial. Even though there was a shooting there so recently, it seemed quiet and peaceful. There were lots of people by the memorial showing their support. This month is Remembrance Day in Canada so there is lots of support for veterans anyways and a number of people wear poppies on their lapels to show their support.

We parked down in Old Ottawa and walked up along the Rideau Canal. It was chilly and windy (winter is coming- apparently you can skate on it when it freezes over!) but with the sun shining, it was actually quite nice.

We stopped to warm up briefly with hot drinks in the Rideau Centre before heading to ByWard Market.

imageIt was pretty quiet outside at the market. For many of the vendors, this was their last week as it was just too cold to stand outside for hours for only a few sales. I’d like to go back in summer when it is much more lively. Still, there were musicians, artists, and a lonely product person selling the last of their squash, pumpkins, and garlic. All the restaurants and bakeries in the area seemed quite busy though as people hung out inside where it was warm.

Sightseeing done, we headed back rather quicker than before as the wind had really picked up. It was a nice low key afternoon of wandering, but next time I visit, I have a list of a few more places I want to see in Canada’s capital city.


About anewenglanderslife

Hi, I'm Elle. I live in a small town in New England. I love to cook, bake, eat, be outside and active, and go on adventures.
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