A Weekend in Jay Peak: Sheady Acres

sheady acres

We spent the weekend up in Northern Vermont near Jay Peak. It’s so far north that my cell phone got a “Welcome to Canada” text message informing me of roaming fees. We drove up after work on Friday night and arrived at Sheady Acres very late. The car’s headlights lit up five little cottages surrounded by snow.

Though it was late and I was pretty beat, I couldn’t help but get excited when we pulled up next to the little Japanese tea house themed one.

japanese tea house

Inside was just one room and a bathroom with a nice hot shower, tastefully decorated in a Japanese theme complete with paintings of snow that seemed particularly apt that night.

sheady acresIMG_3814It was completely adorable, and very well laid out. The bed took up a large part of the front wall, then there was a dresser and TV (which we didn’t touch the whole weekend-proof we were having tons of fun!).

sheady acres window

There was a small table and chairs plus a mini kitchenette (microwave, small fridge, toaster over, hot plate, dishes, etc). And, very importantly considering how many outdoor activities we had planned, tucked into the corner there was a drying rack.

Even though we brought enough gear for four people, the two of us didn’t feel crowded at all in our little cabin. It was nice and toasty and warm with lovely views at sunset and plenty of privacy.

sheady acres sunset

sheady acres sunset I really want to go back and try out all the other cabins- check out the virtual tour they have here.

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Hi, I'm Elle. I live in a small town in New England. I love to cook, bake, eat, be outside and active, and go on adventures.
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