A Weekend in Jay Peak: On the Mountain

We woke up on Sunday to temperatures in the 20s. After the previous day it definitely felt like a heat wave. After quickly packing up our gear, we left our cute cottage and headed up the mountain to the stateside of Jay.

Our original plan was to get first chair at 8…we ended up more like the 30th chair but we still started nice and early.

jay peak

The first run of the day didn’t go smoothly. My backpack got stuck to the chairlift and I couldn’t get off in time and found myself still on the chair as it went back around. Thankfully the lift operator saw and stopped it…it was pretty embarrassing but at least it was a good laugh.

Then, we started to go down a trail that ended up having icy moguls on it. That was another fail- we took off our boards and hiked back up to the top.

first run

The trail we finally ended up on was free of moguls and pretty steep. This is when I hit my third roadblock of the morning- I wasn’t riding my board, I was using the board I had used for powder in the woods the day before, which meant it was bigger and set up totally differently than mine. I made it down to the bottom, then immediately went back to the car to get my own board.

I had been worried before we went that Jay would be too tough for me. I’ve only been snowboarding 14 times before (all at a small local mountain for 2-3 hours after work). This first run kind of reinforced that feeling of not being good enough.IMG_3859

Thankfully, the rest of the day went so much better after that. We met up with a friend and would all ride the lift together then go our separate ways on the way down, meeting at the bottom or at turns along the way.

mountain view

Although we had been warned that a storm was rolling in and that it was going to start raining at 1pm, we rode through lunch without a problem. We had all packed snacks and so sat in the sun for a few minutes.

The tram that goes up to the top and the flyer chair had been on wind delay all morning but opened up in the afternoon.

tramI got to explore more new to me trails, and for our last run of the day we made it up to the very top just as the storm rolled in.

big jay

fog at the top

last run with stormIt was a rough start, but it ended up being an amazing day at Jay.

About anewenglanderslife

Hi, I'm Elle. I live in a small town in New England. I love to cook, bake, eat, be outside and active, and go on adventures.
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