Bretton Woods Nordic Half Marathon

On Saturday I headed up north again to Bretton Woods, this time to do my longest ski of the year. I signed up to do a half marathon, but a few weeks out I started to feel slightly injured so I took it pretty easy until the race. Thankfully I felt fine the day of the ski.

mt washington

It was foggy in the morning so I couldn’t see Mt. Washington as I warmed up, but later in the day the fog burned off to show gorgeous scenery.

The conditions were just about perfect- teens to low 20s weather wise, with snow that still felt fresh to ski on.

We all lined up behind the fancy hotel, and when the woman said “go” at 9.30, around 350 of us took washington hotel

There was a huge variety of people doing it, from the college racers, to just casual skiers. I opted for the half marathon this year, but there is also a full marathon option.

The course was great, with aid stations and friendly volunteers every 6k or so. I didn’t eat anything during the race (I didn’t practice eating and skiing this year and worried that I would get a cramp) but did enjoy the sugar boost that the powerade they supplied gave me.

The last bit of the course felt tough to me as I was pretty tired and there was a wicked headwind to ski into, but I crossed the finish line nonetheless.

There were plenty of snacks at the finish- bananas, oranges, brownies, protein shake samples. Then at 1pm, all the sweaty skiers tramped up to the fancy hotel for the food and awards.

IMG_4046It was funny being in such a pretty hotel after skiing all that way. The pasta, meatballs, cookies, and cake served were much needed after 13.1 miles of skiing! I had a coffee to keep me awake, then packed up all my stuff and headed back home. It was a great day!

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Hi, I'm Elle. I live in a small town in New England. I love to cook, bake, eat, be outside and active, and go on adventures.
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