A New Englander in Paris

The day after I went to Edinburgh, I hopped on a plane to Paris. I’d never been before, but I put myself in the hands of my friend from university. We managed to fill the two and a half days I was there quite easily! We stuck to the must see sights in Paris, figuring that next time I go back I can see more.


The evening I arrived, we had just enough time to walk to the Eiffel Tower and then the sparkling light show began. It was magical, and a perfect welcome to Paris. I didn’t really want to spend the time and money to go up to the top- just seeing it sparkle at night was enough.

The next morning, we went to the Louvre. Now, my friend and I have been going to museums together since our student days and have pretty similar tastes in exhibits. Since the Louvre is so huge, we worried that we would suffer from “museum fatigue” (it’s a thing, right?) if we just went through whole wings. Instead, we hopped around in different mediums- beginning with sculptures, then to rooms, then to paintings. We spent hours happily wandering, until we were too hungry to continue.

Paris is such an interesting place food wise. There is so much good food- the croissants, the crepes, the cafe gourmands (my favorite thing ever- espresso and a trio of desserts). However, the waiters have so much attitude that it can feel really awkward. My friend told me that her favorite restaurant became her favorite because the food is good and the servers are actually nice!


The next day began with a wander through a park that has sculptures from Renoir paintings. We were heading across the city to the Musee d’Orsay, which was maybe my favorite thing we experienced. It’s so much smaller than the Louvre, so a little less overwhelming. It has a gorgeous selection of impressionist paintings as well. It used to be a train station, so has some really cool features like the giant clock.


We had a lovely lunch in the very fancy looking restaurant, then headed back outside. It was a gorgeous sunset for my last night in Paris.


That night, we headed out one last time to check out Monmartre and have one last French dinner. It was a whirlwind of a trip, but Paris, I will be back!



About anewenglanderslife

Hi, I'm Elle. I live in a small town in New England. I love to cook, bake, eat, be outside and active, and go on adventures.
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