A Weekend in Portland, ME


I went to Portland for work, so I didn’t have tons of time to explore the city, which is a shame since I liked what I saw. I did however, manage to go on one walking excursion, find a spin studio I liked, and eat all the food. All in all, I’d say the trip was a success, and it did convince me that I should revisit Portland without silly work getting in the way of my fun.



Two Fat Cats Bakery- I grabbed a brownie here to go and ate it later that evening in my hotel room. So rich, so delicious- I definitely recommend. 47 India Street

Duck Fat- I had heard such good things about this restaurant, which turned out to be much smaller than I had imagined. There was a wait when I arrived, but I was given a pager and could wander in a 1 block radius until they paged me. The poutine was very good (made with duckfat!!) as was the soup, and I definitely wasn’t hungry for dinner that night, which was kind of a shame with all the great restaurant options around.     47 Middle Street


Holy Donut- A doughnut made from Maine potatoes? I had to try it. I asked the girl behind the counter what their most popular donut was, and she pointed me to the chocolate with sea salt. It was delicious (so much so that I went back my final morning to grab more to bring home for people to try). 194 Park Avenue


The Treehouse- this restaurant was very aptly named, since it does indeed feel like you are sitting in a tree house. I shared mussels, fried brussels sprouts, a mushroom flatbread, and a salad with my colleague and it was all delicious. I really liked the decor on the inside. 484 Stevens Avenue



I had to find something to do to keep my stress levels low while working long hours, and I also needed to work off some of the food consumed during this trip. This is what I got up to.

Eastern Promenade Trail- This was built on an old railway bed, so it’s really flat. It goes right by the waterfront and is about 2 miles (more if you add in Back Cove as well, which I did). There were some other people on the trail, but it wasn’t crowded at all.

Reve Cycling Studio- I found this great spin studio not too far from my hotel, and ended up signing up for the new student deal and going every day! I’d never been to a proper spin class before, just a spin class for cyclists, and it was totally different. First of all, the studio was gorgeous and the actual cycling room was really dark and really loud. I loved the energy of the instructors and how the class was broken up with sprints, hill climbs, and flats which made the time fly by. At one point during sprints, I felt like I was dying and looked down at my heart rate monitor to see I was at 191 bpm! i really liked how you can adjust the resistance to meet your needs so there could be a wide range of abilities in one class. 559 Forest Ave

About anewenglanderslife

Hi, I'm Elle. I live in a small town in New England. I love to cook, bake, eat, be outside and active, and go on adventures.
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