A Long Weekend in Wells, ME


Last weekend, we headed up north to Wells, Maine for a four day weekend. It was perfectly timed- just before Labor Day so everything was still open, but not actually on Labor Day, so it wasn’t too crowded. It was mostly a chill, visiting with family sort of weekend, but I did manage to explore a bit and eat some tasty food!


Stay: Drakes Island Beach Resort is where we stayed. We got little one room cottages with a kitchenette and they worked well for us. It was great to have a fridge and cooking facilities since none of us wanted to eat out for every single meal. There were lots of grills provided as well which made for an easy dinner. There is a nice saltwater pool as well (I loved that it wasn’t as chlorine filled!). The best part for us was how dog friendly it was- there were loads of other dogs staying there and Isla met a new best friend. Also, it’s less than 2 miles from the beach.


Beach: Drakes Island Beach was just down the road from where we stayed. Dogs are allowed on the beach before 8am and after 6pm, so every morning I would walk/run the 1.3 miles to the sand with Isla and then throw a tennis ball in the waves until she started to tire out. Then we would walk along the beach and meet lots of dogs before heading back. I’m not a super huge beach during the day person due to very fair skin and a family history of skin cancer, but I do love the sound of the ocean and walking along the beach so it was nice to get about an hour of beach time in every day without worrying about sunburn. In typical Maine fashion, the ocean was cold and the undertow was strong, so I only went swimming once. The other days I was happy to just wade.

Do: Chill, mostly. I read two books, went on walks, swam in the pool, etc. We did go to the Rachel Carson Wildlife Refuge and wander around the trail there. I learned a lot about salt marshes and estuaries- growing up inland, I don’t think I was ever really aware of how important they are! I’m not a big shopper but there were tons of antique stores around.

Eat: My favorite category of all. We ate out a lot, but I’m only including my favorites.


Breakfast at Boulangerie in Kennebunk was the first time since my trip to Paris that I’ve had good croissants! The pain au chocolat was amazing, the coffee was good (and apparently the coffee cake was too). It is kind of tucked away behind Main Street and looks like an old converted barn, but the food is worth it. We sat outside in the shade with the dog (and we weren’t the only people doing exactly the same thing).

Dinner at Pedro’s Mexican Restaurant was delicious though there was a 45 minute wait. It was more Mexican than Tex-Mex which was awesome, and not what I was expecting in Maine.

We had lobster our last night at Mabel’s Lobster Claw. We were really glad we had a reservation as the wait was 2 hours (though I’m sure now with Labor Day over it would be much shorter). The lobster was expensive but super tasty. For the first time every, I opted for Lazy Lobster and let the kitchen do the work for me! I was up for eating lobster in public but my table mates weren’t so I enjoyed being spoiled. The lobster risotto was also good!

Rococo Ice Cream was our last stop our final evening since all summer vacations need to have ice cream. This isn’t ice cream for kids though. They have all sorts of interesting flavor combinations, but in the end I settled for a combination of dark chocolate (REALLY dark chocolate but somehow still very creamy…it was like magic) and mint (it had real mint leaves in it!).

It was such a great mini vacation to usher out summer. Though we’ve got a week that’s forecasting highs in the 90’s, which means summer is hanging out for a while longer.

About anewenglanderslife

Hi, I'm Elle. I live in a small town in New England. I love to cook, bake, eat, be outside and active, and go on adventures.
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2 Responses to A Long Weekend in Wells, ME

  1. Annie says:

    A perfect getaway! The Rachel Carson Wildlife Refuge is on my bucket list. It isn’t too far from us in NH so what am I waiting for?

    • You should definitely go! I would suggest pairing it with another activity in the area, because although the refuge is large, the trail isn’t and it doesn’t take very long to go through the whole thing, even if you stop to admire the wetlands and read the brochure description, etc. That being said, I still really enjoyed it!

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