Fall Goal #3: Have Fun


My first two fall goals were the boring but important ones (stay healthy, save money), but I also want to have fun! Fall is my favorite season in New England and I want to take advantage of it.

Here are a couple of things on my “fun but inexpensive fall activities” list:

  1. Go apple picking. I love apple season and I love picking apples. It’s pretty much the same price as getting apples at the grocery store, but it’s a lot more fun. I love wandering in the orchard in the crisp air and picking apples while snacking one one…or maybe more than one. With my haul, I usually make- apple crisp, apple chicken, and butternut squash apple soup.
  2. Go hiking. Fall hiking weather is glorious and Isla is the best hiking dog and is especially energetic in the fall. Due to time and gas costs, I usually stick to local mountains but there might be a trip to the White Mountains this fall if everything falls into place.
  3. Drink hot chocolate at Burdick’s. They have the thickest, most decadent hot chocolate. It’s a once-a-year treat for me and I always look forward to visiting and checking out their latest chocolate creations!
  4. Go leaf peeping like a tourist. I drive by a million swamps on my way to work and sort of take in the fall colors, but it’s nice to go out for a wander and find the places with the brightest colors. I thought this year would be a bad foliage year because of the drought, but some well-timed rain appears to have rescued things!
  5. Bake. I love getting back into baking in the fall. I usually take a break from the hot oven in the summer and in the fall get back into the habit of making my own bread every Sunday. I also love making muffins, crisps, and cinamon-y things that make the house smell wonderful.

Anything special on your to-do list for fall? There’s always so much I want to do, but I have to remember that there are only so many weekends…


About anewenglanderslife

Hi, I'm Elle. I live in a small town in New England. I love to cook, bake, eat, be outside and active, and go on adventures.
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