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A New Englander in Maryland: Fishing in the Chesapeake Bay

I haven’t gone fishing since I was maybe twelve years old, but while in Maryland for Thanksgiving the opportunity to go fishing on a friend’s boat presented itself and I just went for it. I figured if worst came to … Continue reading

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Hunting Season

November marks the start of rifle season here, which means staying out of the woods where hunting is allowed. In my state, everything that isn’t posted “No Hunting” means you can hunt there. Even if it is posted, you have … Continue reading

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This election year (years?) has been particularly awful. I had to stop listening to the radio and reading about polls a couple of weeks ago because it was stressing me out too much. It’s good to be informed, but not … Continue reading

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Just Eat It- a food waste movie

This past week, I watched a documentary that both horrified my and inspired me. The film is called “Just Eat It” and it follows two filmmakers as they become aware of how much food is wasted in North America (almost … Continue reading

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Weaving Holiday Gifts

I grew up in an old New England mill town, one of many in these parts. I remember as a child becoming obsessed with the stories of mill girls- young girls who left home to live in boarding houses and … Continue reading

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