Weaving Holiday Gifts

I grew up in an old New England mill town, one of many in these parts. I remember as a child becoming obsessed with the stories of mill girls- young girls who left home to live in boarding houses and weave in the mills. My friends and I used to play “weaving girls” at recess and I even learned to weave on a small tabletop loom (which bears very little resemblance to the massive and dangerous looms the girls were working on). Eventually though, I outgrew this period and moved on to others (the Middle Ages, Victorian England, Thomas Beckett, etc).

And then after college I somehow became obsessed with weaving again. I took some lessons and just loved it. It’s hard work to warp a loom, but there is something meditative about the whole process. I like planning a project, choosing the yarn, warping the loom, weaving, and then finally seeing my idea come to life. 

This year, I’m trying to weave most of the holiday presents for family. It gives me an excuse to buy yarn and I like the idea of giving handmade presents that were made with love. This is a scarf in progress- it’s a simple twill pattern but the maroon weft varies in width and creates interesting variations in the pattern! I’ve made two light shawls/scarves already and have two baby blankets planned as well plus a couple more scarves.

With any luck, I’ll finish just in time to mail them all off to my family who lives far away. 


About anewenglanderslife

Hi, I'm Elle. I live in a small town in New England. I love to cook, bake, eat, be outside and active, and go on adventures.
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