A New Englander in Atlanta, GA 2017

My recent trip to Atlanta was a perfect time to escape the late mud season in New England. That’s always my favorite time to go south- New England isn’t too pretty then and it hasn’t gotten too hot in the south for this northern girl to handle!

I’ve been to Atlanta before (see here) so this trip was mostly spent discovering new places to eat and exercise (my ideal vacation has a good amount of both!).

To eat:

Chai Pani Decatur

I had such a good feeling about Chai Pani as soon as we walked in and saw families with women in saris waiting. It was truly great food! They do a take on Indian street food and we just got a bunch of things to share. The kale pakoras were really good, but the Maharaja Lamb burger sliders were excellent! We also got their thali which came with loads of sides. They also have delicious cocktails that I recommend checking out.

Chai Pani Decatur is located at 406 W Ponce de Leon Ave Decatur, GA

Heirloom Market

This was such a random find. There was an article about fusion BBQ places in my local paper at home and I thought a Korean BBQ fusion sounded amazing so I saved the name for my trip to Atl. It was so good! And so much food! We each got a sandwich special which comes with a side and then got one more as well. There is a patio out back where you can stand under red umbrellas to stay out of the sun, hence the odd lighting. It might be slightly out of the way, but it was so good and pretty darn cheap!

Heirloom Market is located at 2243 Akers Mill Rd SE Atlanta, GA

We Suki Suki

This is a repeat place because it is just so good! Excellent Vietnamese food is served here, and next door they now have a place to sit and a Market of pop up restaurants that they call the Global Grub Collective. The pho I had was so good, but the tofu banh mi really stole the show. The flavors and textures are just all so perfectly balanced.

We Suki Suki is located at 479-b Flat Shoals Ave SE Atlanta, GA

Revolution Doughnuts

Another repeat place because they have such amazing doughnuts! I love how doughy their yeast doughnuts are, though this time we also go the carrot cake cake doughnut. The only slight disappointment was the Boston Creme- while delicious, it was not at all like a Boston Creme!

Revolution Doughnuts is located at 745 Edgewood Ave, NE Atlanta, GA

To exercise:

Core power Yoga

My sister referred to this as “the Starbucks of yoga.” Yes, it’s not very spiritual, but it was also fun! We did the class with weights and let me just say it’s amazing how much harder a couple of weights make warrior pose and triangle. 

Highland Yoga Grant Park

This was a much more traditional class in a heated space. I loved this class! The teacher (Caron Christison) managed to make it a true all levels class which is super impressive. She would suggest modifications to up the intensity or to lower it while still not talking the whole time. She also led the most killer abs session that I’ve experienced since a workshop with Patrick Beach!

Sculpt House

This class combined two things I’d never used before- a curved treadmill and a Pilates reformer. I can’t run anymore due to knee pain, but something about the curved treadmill worked for me! Maybe because it is sort of suspended and you aren’t just pounding your knees? Anyways, I loved being able to run and I also loved that with a curved treadmill there is no electric power so you control the speed by how far up the curve you run. For this class, you spend half the class on the reformer (which was so cool and seriously kicked my butt on that portion of the class) and half the class doing various intervals and sprints on a curved treadmill. They are such great compliments to each other and it was a great class, despite the technical music issues they had (an insane storm was sweeping Atlanta during class which messed up the Bluetooth). But, we had music in the end and everyone was super sweaty!

About anewenglanderslife

Hi, I'm Elle. I live in a small town in New England. I love to cook, bake, eat, be outside and active, and go on adventures.
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