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Fall Goal #3: Have Fun

My first two fall goals were the boring but important ones (stay healthy, save money), but I also want to have fun! Fall is my favorite season in New England and I want to take advantage of it. Here are … Continue reading

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A New Englander in the Scottish Highlands

I’ve dreamed about visiting the Highlands for years. Even though my family were lowlanders, I always was fascinated by the landscape and the culture up further north. My cousin and I did a quick two day excursion into the highlands, … Continue reading

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An Unexpected Adventure at Mt Watatic

A few Sundays ago, we decided to take the dog for a hike up Mt Watatic. It’s a small mountain that is super dog and family friendly in northern Massachusetts. It’s also the start (or end, I suppose) of the … Continue reading

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A Reintroduction to Backpacking

This summer, I want to do a backpacking trip. Nothing too extreme, just 3-5 days with nothing but what we can carry on our backs. Of course, I hadn’t been backpacking since I was 14 and the pack was almost … Continue reading

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A New Englander in Georgia: Providence Canyon and 4 Way BBQ

Providence Canyon is just outside of Lumpkin, GA in Stewart County. Created by erosion due to bad farming practices in the 19th century, it’s not a natural canyon at all, but it is very impressive. The red clay creates some … Continue reading

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