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Recently Eating: August 2015

It gets to a point every summer where I feel like the veggies are taking over the kitchen/my life. It’s such a feast or famine here in New England with fresh veggies- we long for them during the bitterly cold … Continue reading

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Eats:: Christmas Baking: Mini Mince Pies

Mince pies are a traditional British Christmas treat. The inside is fruity, sweet and sticky, and the outside is buttery and crumbly. I’d never made them before so I cheated a bit and used mincemeat from None Such (the brandy … Continue reading

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Eats: Post Thanksgiving Pie Breakfast

The Sunday after Thanksgiving, we were invited to a pie breakfast. It seemed like a perfect time to gather friends together, and the theme was pretty perfect as well. It was very casual, with people dropping in for an hour … Continue reading

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Eats: A Veggie Planet Inspired Dinner Recipe

via Tucked away just off Harvard Square in Cambridge, MA lies Veggie Planet. It’s basement level, so it sort of feels like a secret place, but the business of the place would suggest otherwise. First of all, the place seems … Continue reading

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Eats: Tate’s Bake Shop Copycookies

I’m a really big fan of Tate’s Bakeshop cookies. Perfectly crispy and buttery, they really are exactly what I want in my chocolate chip cookie. Unfortunately, they are also rather expensive in my local store (even on sale!). When I … Continue reading

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